Plants, Shrubs & Trees

Find a bargain on plants at Coffs Harbour Nursery. At our retail nursery, we grow our plants onsite, so you get the best quality at affordable prices. Some of our latest stock includes:

For all orders, we ask that payments be made prior to pick-up and own transportation is to be arranged. To enquire about our affordable prices on plants, contact our garden centre today.

Plants — Coffs Harbour Nursery in Sapphire Beach, NSW

Deciduous Trees

Experience the striking red and yellow colours of autumn with our deciduous trees. We stock a number of adaptable and hardy varieties, such as:

Deciduous trees are perfect for wide open landscapes and garden spaces. You’ll often see them lined up alongside of paths, driveways or roads, making the colour change of the leaves even more striking.

Once the leaves have dropped, however, leaf litter can build up and clog gutters, stormwater systems and other drainage leading to waterways. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, leaves need to be raked and collected often. You can turn them into mulch or compost, or simply dispose of them as green waste.


Advanced Palms

Add greenery and foliage to your garden with our selection of palms in a variety of sizes – 25L, 50L, 90L, 100L, 200L & 400L pot sizes. We have a selection of plants to help bring a tropical feel to your landscape, including:

Palms offer a great solution for privacy with their dense, fanned-out leaves. If planting outdoors, it will thrive best in full sun or part shade with organically rich, well-draining soil. 

While palms can bring a nice amount of shade, they can prevent nutrients from soil and water reaching other plants that may be underneath the canopy of its leaves. This is because they struggle to compete with the large root system of a palm. Adding mulch to your garden will induce nitrogen drawdown, which helps the soil slowly break down the mulch and help divert nutrients to other plants.


Citrus Plants

Enjoy the taste and scents of fresh fruit growing from your own garden with our selection of citrus plants. Choose from our available varieties, including:

To help it grow to its full potential, we recommend planting your citrus plant in an open and sunny spot of your backyard. Warm, quick-draining soil with sporadic watering and feeding will also help in producing lots of fruit on a regular basis. 

While not much trimming or pruning is required to help with bearing fruit, you may need to train the plant to grow into 4 main branches and open in the centre. This will create an increase in airflow in a small garden. For more tips, speak to our nursery staff today.


Hedging Plants

Add some privacy to your backyard with out range of hedging plants including: 



  • Show off your plants with one of our stunning Modstone Garden Pots. Available in a variety of styles, sizes  and colours, we have a pot to suit every taste and plant including: